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Or a true story demonstrating how Vehicular Forensics can help your case.


A woman driving her 2000 Oldsmobile Alero is struck from behind by a late model Ford pickup traveling 15 mph.  The woman seems uninjured at the time.  The Oldsmobile also does not seem to have received much damage. 

A few days after the accident and after filing with the insurance company, the woman's wrist begins to hurt.  She goes to her doctor who x-rays it and finds that not only does it have a fracture but also some nerve damage.  She will have to have surgery and go through several months of physical therapy.  At this time, the woman goes back to the insurance company to file an additional claim for her wrist.  But the insurance company will not accept the new claim.  They surmise from the slight damage to the women's car that she broke her wrist after the accident and is making a fraudulent claim. 

However, after Vehicular Forensics tears down the car, the true damage is revealed.  Structural damage that was hidden by a new bumper shows that the car was struck hard enough to cause such an injury.  The result?  The insurance company honors the woman's claim.